Salome Meca 2022 – new release

Hi there, new releases of Salome Meca (numbered 2022) are available at in the Download section and under the Salome-Meca tab. The last one is published in January 2023. At the moment there is no information about the new features introduced in this version. I have checked that the latest Salome Meca has a Code Aster 15.6 solver and uses the Salome platfrom version 9.8.0 . I think the news will be revealed in March/April after the annual Code Aster user meeting.
I’m also surprised that nowhere on the homepage or the forum can I find information about the new releases.

Salome Meca 2022 installation

The installation mode of the programs has not changed (Signularity environment required). You can install the latest version of Salome Meca 2022 by changing the program file according to the instructions available on the blog (Windows / Ubuntu). If you already have a previous version of Salome Meca installed, you only need to change the file in the case of Windows or, in the case of Linux, add the applications using the command from this manual.

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